MAY 2011
Crystal Ball
Eminent scientists from across the globe honored the man who discovered quasicrystals-Distinguished Prof. Dan Shechtman-at a special...
We’ve got the Power
With nuclear disasters, global conflict in oil-rich regions, new-found Israeli gas reserves, and plenty of state-of-the-art innovation, the energy crisis...
Stamp of Approval
Prof. Ehud Keinan, of Technion’s Schulich Faculty of Chemistry and president of the Israel Chemical Society, had the vision to celebrate the United...
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Reaching Equilibrium
In groundbreaking research reported in April 2011 by the top-tier journal Science, researchers at the Faculty of Materials Engineering describe the characteristics of nanometer-scale layers formed between different materials. They found these layers to have both solid and liquid properties, and to exist at equilibrium, thus supplementing Gibbs’ 1878 theory, which partially explained what happens when two materials come into contact. Read more
The Buzz About Ultrasound
Ultrasound (US) imaging is used intensively, particularly during pregnancy; in addition, therapeutic US is becoming widespread. The basic premise is that these non-invasive techniques are benign, carrying no inherent danger so long as the pressure thresholds set by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are observed. Go beyond these thresholds, hemorrhage may occur. Now Technion researchers uncover what really happens when tissue is exposed to the pressure delivered by US procedures. Read more
Women's Brainpower
Marked globally in March 2011, the International Women’s Day Centenary was themed “Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women.” This year also marks the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to Marie Curie, highlighting the role of women in science. Just some of Technion’s top women researchers, faculty, students, and alumnae are celebrated in this issue.
Read more
Technion - the First 100 Years
The exhibition “War of the Languages: Founding of the Technion/Technikum” opened at Haifa City Museum on March 12, 2011 to a gathering of museum patrons and Technion faculty and personnel. Technion President Prof. Peretz Lavie said that few institutions in Israel, like Technion, can already celebrate their first centennial. The Technion cornerstone was laid in 1912, preceding the State of Israel (1948). Read more
ArchiParchiTura - Technion Student Revival
Technion architecture students brought happiness to Haifa as they led the ArchiParchiTura 2011. Reviving a student tradition from more than 20 years ago, ingenuity, applied cutting-edge skills, advanced engineering combined with a creative flair helped them prepare for the Jewish festival of Purim. The giant floats formed a festive procession in March, leaving from Technion City, traveling through the city streets and culminating in a carnival at the Historic Technion Building in Hadar, where the Technion’s cornerstone was laid 99 years ago. Read more
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