MAY 2010
“The remarkably successful Gurwin-TechSat mission is complete,” announced Prof. Ehud Behar, director...
Funnel Vision
At Technion’s Faculty of Physics, Dr Erez Ribak and master’s student Amichai Labin have solved a mystery...
In the Swing
The annual TechnoBrain creative engineering competition, held in April 2010, was labeled “Independulum...
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Technion Trail: Tour of Campus Sculptures
21/04/2010, Read more
Watch How One Cornerstone Changed the World
19/06/2011, Read more
Israel -- One Hundred Years of Science and Technology Film
25/07/2011, Read more
Technion and Microsoft Co-establish Academic Research Center For E-Commerce Technologies
10/10/2011, Read more
Google Street View Puts Technion on the Map
17/10/2011, Read more
Small Things Come in Big Packages: Video
09/11/2011, Read more
International Caricature Exhibition Shows in Ullmann Teaching Center
10/11/2011, Read more
Harvey Prize 2011 Winners Announced
13/11/2011, Read more
New videos: Richard Karp and Ronny Lempel
21/11/2011, Read more
German Order of Merit to Distinguished Prof. Yitzhak Apeloig
29/11/2011, Read more
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Pruning Neuronal Trees
By studying the small (1 mm) roundworm C. elegans, a Technion-led international research team has discovered how tree-like nerve structures are formed and maintained. Published online in the May 6th issue of Science Express, this breakthrough may have applications in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and in the repair of nerve damage. Read more
Multi-Culti Math
Two Technion researchers from diverse ethnic backgrounds are meeting a universal challenge - how to teach geometry to high-school pupils in an applied and meaningful way. Russian-born Jewish Prof. Igor Verner of the Department of Education in Technology and Science is co-leading the project with Faculty of Mathematics Prof. Daoud Bshouty, an exemplary member of the Israeli Arab Christian community. Verner says, “We simply asked the pupils in which context would they be interested to study mathematics. We were very surprised when the answer was ‘in cultural context.’” Read more
Engineering with a Soul
Israel’s first chapter of Engineers Without Borders, from Technion, installs biogas systems in rural Nepal providing sustainable energy and improved sanitation. Read more
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