Autonomous Vehicle Competition

RoboTraffic test circuit

Hundreds of students from Argentina, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, and the USA participated at the Nadav Shoham RoboTraffic Competition held at the Technion in March 2016. Competitors program small autonomous vehicles to drive safely along a track simulating road conditions. The overall goal is to provide young drivers with the knowledge and skills necessary for safe driving, to minimize their involvement in road accidents.

Nadav Shoham was an engineer and Master’s student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, who lost his life in a devastating snowstorm in Nepal. “Nadav loved to watch the teams compete and regularly attended the competition each year,” said Prof. Moshe Shoham, Head of the Leumi Robotics Center and father of the late Nadav. “He especially enjoyed viewing the designs of the school-aged children and teenagers from Israel and around the globe, and appreciated their abilities to build complex systems and their creativity already from an early age. Naming the competition after him honors his engineering talent, curiosity for technology, and volunteering spirit working with youth over many years.”