Cyber Security Research Center Launch

By Amanda Jaffe-Katz

Israel is considered a world leader in cyber security solutions, with exports to the sum of $6 billion in 2014 - eight percent of the total global market - according to the National Cyber Bureau.

Prof. Eli Biham, head of the newly launched Cyber Security Research Center

PM Benjamin Netanyahu, writing in Globes in April 2016 on the cyber revolution, declared that, "Everything is penetrable in the cyber era: our personal details, commercial and defense secrets, national infrastructure - anything can be stolen, disrupted, and destroyed. The worst cyber attacks against organizations and countries in recent years around the world have taught us an obvious lesson - cyber defense is an essential condition for national security and economic growth in the 21st century."

"We are therefore fostering an environment of cyber innovation in cooperation with government, academic institutions, and industry," he continued.

And indeed, Technion's Cyber Security Research Center was inaugurated in April 2016.

Dr Eviatar Matania, Head of Israel's National Cyber Bureau, Prime Minister's Office, said at the opening that Technion was the first institute of higher learning approached about the project. “We approached Technion about establishing a center of this caliber because of its reputation for excellence,” he said. “Its academic capabilities, along with its technological prowess that has placed it among the top leading institutes of the world, promise that the cyber field will advance in new directions.”

Matania also said that he views cyber as an enabler that provides an opportunity for economic and social growth.

"From my acquaintance with the brilliant minds that have come together to found this center, I am certain that it will become a top leading cyber security research facility that will contribute greatly to the field,” said Technion President Prof. Peretz Lavie.

“The study topics will focus on security and explore the weaknesses that endanger systems and methods of protection.”

Head of the Center Prof. Eli Biham, who holds the Joseph Israel Freund Chair in the Faculty of Computer Science, described the proposed scope for the center. It will involve several faculties and collaborations with other Technion research centers, including Technion Computer Engineering (TCE), Technion Autonomous Systems Program, and others.

Biham, a world-renowned expert in cryptography and cryptanalysis explained, “We must promote interdisciplinary research that relies on the capabilities of the Technion. The study topics will focus on security and explore the weaknesses that endanger systems and methods of protection. The center will foster awareness of these issues and keep engineers working in cyber security abreast of the latest developments in the field. We invite industry collaboration and will be happy to host researchers and postdoctoral fellows from Israel and abroad."